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SASMI: Modified Temporary Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit - COVID-19 WAGE REPLACEMENT

Brothers and Sisters, 

As we we head into the winter months and COVID-19 risks continue, SASMI has reinstituted a Temporary Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit. Continue reading for the announce from SASMI, and attached you will find the full benefit announcement in addition to eligibility requirements. Applications must be submitted through SASMI's online member portal, which can be found here. If you have any questions regarding the benefit or eligibility feel free to call our office at (860)529-2616. 

Modified Temporary Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit COVID-19 WAGE REPLACEMENT

When COVID-19 first began devastating our communities the Trustees immediately implemented a Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit for the 2020A Stabilization Period that provided up to one week of wages a month for participants unable to work because of COVID. This included individuals who were diagnosed with COVID and those who needed to quarantine because of a possible exposure or a state Stay-at-Home order or a closing down of a worksite.

After the Trustees implemented that benefit, the Federal and State governments enacted legislation including the stimulus pay, the Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Extended FMLA in the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA), state mandated paid time off, additional unemployment benefits through the CARES Act, and other actions. In addition, beginning in June 2020 all 50 states and the District of Columbia began reopening or put in place plans for reopening. Based on these actions the Trustees suspended the Temporary Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit after the end of the 2020A Stabilization Period (June 2020) but continued to monitor both the Coronavirus and the impact on employment in the industry.

As we get into winter the cases of the virus are continuing and even increasing. The Trustees see a need for reinstituting the COVID-19 Wage Replacement Temporary Benevolent Disaster Relief Benefit. However, more is known about the virus and testing has become more available so that it is possible to accurately identify positive cases. Accordingly, the Trustees have modified the Benefit to reflect the current situation.

This updated benefit is available for those who test positive for COVID themselves, or for a family member who resided with them that tests positive and have a need to quarantine. This benefit is only available if you were/are not being compensated for those day in quarantine by any Employer or Trust Fund under any Federal, State or Locality law (some due to expire prior to the end of the year) or special resolution...