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Lace up your boots, a new day is dawning!

Hire Local Workers

With appropriate community labor agreements, local taxpayer money circulates back into the town whenever local residents are hired on a building project and used to maintain and upgrade those buildings. The result is increased project oversight and community pride. Naturally, local workers want to build successful projects for their kids, neighbors, family, and friends!

With a labor agreement and without a labor agreement :

    • A PLA-Project : Killingly High School

    Our goal was to have Windham County residents in the trades employed for 30% of total hours of the Killingly High School project in Killingly, CT. There was a total of 387,960 hours worked, with Windham County residents working 134,860 hours; at 35% this exceeded the local employment goal.

      • A Non-PLA Project: Forestville School in Bristol

      At the Forestville School in Bristol, CT only 8.7% of workers were from Bristol, and at the West Bristol School, also in Bristol, CT, 13.4% were local workers. These local work hours are significantly less than the PLA projects.


      Killingly Town Manager Bruce Benway :

      “Clearly, the payrolls earned by local and regional trades and craft works on this project have been significant and have provided an important boost to the local and regional economies…The conclusion must be that the local employment goals have been a win-win situation.”

      A labor agreement is the only way an owner or municipality can ensure their residents will work on the project by setting requirements to use local workers. Without a labor agreement in place, there is a good chance your community dollars won’t stay in the community.

      We understand there is a lot of information out there; some of it may be accurate and some of it may not. Please if you have questions, get in touch with the local Sheet Metal workers to address where our trade and craft touches on these community issues  and advantages!